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Sean Visintainer - 11/19/18

Fishpond Switchback Wading Belt.jpg

New fishing items arriving weekly

Lots of new goods in from Fishpond, Thomas & Thomas, and Loon. We have started to get some of them up on the online store which you can see below. We have more in-store and will be trickling them onto the website.

One of the coolest new items is the Thomas & Thomas Zone Fly Rod Series. These "mid-priced" fly rods are mind blowingly good. I mistakenly grabbed a Scott Meridian 8wt ($865) thinking I had picked up the Scott Tidal 8wt ($495) to compare against the T&T Zone 8wt ($545) which would be a pretty direct comparison. I thought, wow pretty close feel... only to look down in my hands and see that I was holding and almost $900 Meridian and was comparing it to the $545 T&T Rod! Says a lot about the Zone Fly Rod! Light, fast, pretty low swing weight, cool 2-tone rod blank color. Not bad for a mid level fly rod! More on that stick in another article.

Lots of new fun items from Fishpond. They have added a cool new belt / waist pack system called the Switchback Wading Belt. The Switchback allows the angler to smoothly swing the waist pack around to access contents without having to slide your entire belt. It also incorporates a new net holder which you will see on multiple new items from Fishpond. It's a really neat system for those that want to travel light and like to carry a net.

Another noteworthy piece from fishpond is the Thunderhead Roll Top Duffel. If you haven't seen the Thunderhead series from Fishpond you are missing out. They are VERY high quality waterproof pieces that are built to last and feature some great functionality. The Thunderhead Roll Top is a nice all-around sized waterproof duffel. I will definitely be adding this to my bag arsenal for throwing in the raft!

Some new Loon products for the fly shop include the UV Fluorescing Resin to give you that extra edge of UV shine to any fly pattern. Why not try every advantage you can get?! I'm definitely adding this resin to my Euro nymph patterns. Also new is the Dubbing Loop Tweezer.

One other Loon product is the Rogue Quickdraw Mitten Clamps. I'm a HUGE fan of the regular Loon Rogue Quickdraw Forceps and like those, the mitten clamps feature a carabiner for hooking the clamps to just about any type of attachment point you can think of. Now add the fact that it is a mitten style clamp for less fumbling in the cold weather and you have a pretty sweet clamp that is easy to use!

Keep watching the online store for more new items as we roll into winter.

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