Montana Fly Fishing Festival Spokane

Sean Visintainer - 04/19/18

Montana Fishing Film Festival

Trout bums unite!

I've seen a lot fly fishing films and fly fishing film "festivals" over the last decade. Heck I even host them! And that's okay, I always enjoy them and it helps get me excited for the next adventure, or season of fly fishing. There is a relatively new fly fishing film festival coming to the Spokane market this May, the Montana Fly Fishing Film Festival. Mf3 for short. Cuz you know I'm gunna get tired of typing that out all the time lol.

While the name is slightly misleading, this film event is strictly trout, and strictly of the "west". Only trout fly fishing films from the Montana and surrounding Rocky Mountain states region are showcased here. That is a kinda show I dig! If you are bona fide trout bum and don't care about seeing some exotica local in the middle of the arctic or whatever, then this show is for you. If you only care about dry flies, then this show is for you. If you only care about trout.... then this show is for you!!!

  • When - Thursday - May 17, 2018
  • Show Time - 7:30 pm
  • Doors Open - 6:45 pm
  • Cost - $14 - Online or at the door
  • Where - Garland Theater
  • Website -
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