Monday's With Mike - Photography Tip

Michael Visintainer - 05/15/17

Michael Visintainer demonstrating how to take a photo of a angler and their fish.

Two simple pointers for better fish photos your buddies will be proud of.

People ask me all the time on some pointers to help them get better photographs when fishing or how I get quality images. Two tips to help improve your fishing photography are as simple as this...

#1 - Shooting at eye level is boring.

  • Try shooting at a different level with the angler. If the angler is kneeling down while holding the fish, get down at their level and shoot straight at them or possibly from a lower, angled level looking back up at the fisherman to get a some skyline in the background as well.

#2 - Fill the frame.

  • Fill the frame with the subject. If you are 15 feet back from the angler holding their fish it's challenging to make the photo look interesting and contain details.

Michael Visintainer demonstraighting how to take a photo of a angler and their fish.

- Mike Visintainer
Head Knowologist at the Silver Bow Fly Shop

  • Michael Visintainer

Bonus Tip - Beware of your surroundings

Logs floating down the St. Joe River.
Logs floating down the St. Joe River 7000 cfs - Monday May 15th, 2017