Monday's With Mike - Night Mission

Michael Visintainer - 07/10/17

Night Fishing Spokane River.


Bo talked about floating the river at night a few years back, but getting people together for a night float never panned out. Fast forward to July 5th, 2017 approaching a full moon in just a few days. I was in for this float for sure. We wanted two boats in search of large predatory fish, so after some persuading our group was set.

The guys going needed to have experience on the river to know where every rock was in the dark. The float took roughly seven hours, many fish were caught, and just as many missed or more. We used medium to large sized steamer patterns sold at the shop. Fish were even caught on top while stripping a mouse pattern! Rainbows, bass, and even a brown. No true giants, but all great fish. Next you knew the moon was going down and it was 2:30 am and we were finally taking the rafts out. We will definitely be running our shuttle before hand next time!!