Monday Motivation with Mike

Sean Visintainer - 07/16/19

A tanker Redband Rainbow trout caught on the Spokane River while on a guided fishing trip.

Down the hatch!

I'm a little late in the evening to post this... but our Monday was a bit busy looking at all the sweet 2020 Simms lineup for next year. Some great items coming out, stay tuned for more of that when the time comes.

Some weekly motivation for ya from the lens of Mike Visintainer. This one is a pretty tough shot to get on moving water, a cutthroat eating a natural mayfly. Pretty badass shot if you ask me. You probably have seen some shots like this that folks have done, but they are typically done in areas of still or calm water, with shit loads of trout gorging on a big hatch. Our rivers are faster, less insects, smaller fish, etc. Anyways, I think it's an impressive shot, cuz it is.

Don't let the work week bog you down. Keep in mind it's dry fly season from here until late fall and the weekend will be here before you know it. Enjoy!