Monday Motivation

Sean Visintainer - 01/20/20

Spokane River

Warm enough!

Dreary winter days are taking their toll on many anglers around the northwest this time of the year. Days are short, the sun is scarce, ice is rampant.

Mike was out hiking the banks of the Spokane River this past weekend and testing a new camera lens. During his snowy hike he stumbled upon a few pods of risers quietly slurping midge emergers from the film of a glassy pool.

These warmer winter days can entice a few midge hatches and perhaps a random blue winged olive to the surface. While not intense, there may be enough to see some heads up briefly. A friend of mine who was also fishing the river temp'd the water at 42 degrees, which was 4 degrees warmer than the air temp!

The great thing about the Spokane is that it never freezes and is often 37 degrees or warmer in the winter months. Those temps are not extremely warm compared to say a spring creek, but warm enough to keep the fish active and from becoming fishcicles.

Too bad Mike didn't pack his fly rod with him... perhaps he would have a fish photo to share with the rising trout photo!

Spokane H2O Magnet Fortunes

Dry fly fishing with midges on the Spokane River can be productive late fall.