Midweek Motivation

Sean Visintainer - 06/27/18

Mark Poirier with a slab of a Cutthroat Trout.

Some midweek motivation for ya. The NF Coeur d'Alene is fishing, the St. Joe is fishing, the Spokane is fishing. The Clark Fork is not fishing lol. That one will be awhile. Fished the St. Joe Sunday with my longtime fishing buddy Mark Poirier. Good fishing. Some moments of greatness, some moments of head scratching. Landed a variety of sized cutts, from dinks to donkeys (Montana fish guide term for big fish).

Hatches are light but can get fish keyed up. Especially if any green drakes or flavs pop, the fish get all riled up for them. When those hatched on the 'Joe Sunday, in certain runs, it got all the big boys looking up. Later in the afternoon some goldens hatched as temps warmed which continued the action. The goldens will work throughout most of the day to some degree.

If you find yourself on the lower river and are battling the falling cotton from the trees try switching to streamers or nymph rigs. We ran into that problem last week which screwed up the dry fly action with balls of cotton littering the water's surface. We promptly switched to streamers and the action continued. Same goes for the NF Coeur d'Alene River when all the cottonwood trees there are dropping their seeds. Go subsurface and the party should keep rolling.

I've been on the Spokane River a lot this past week after work as well. Good fishing for the most part. Only a couple slower evenings. Caddis are the main bug of attention. The big chernobyls finding some fish too. Right before dark a large chernobyl with a caddis dry two feet behind is a good plan. Some fish are more interested in the big dry, some on the caddis. Softies will get them if it's too dark to see the dries. Peacock bodied stones or soft hackles are the winners lately on the Kan for subsurface tactics.

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Get out there and make your own fishing report! Happy hunting.