Methow River Open To Steelhead Fishing

Sean Visintainer - 10/25/12

Steelhead Fly Fishing on the Methow River, Washington.

The Methow and other Columbia River tributaries are open for Steelhead Fishing as of October 16, 2012. Now that can change at any time so you need to be up to speed on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's emergency rules so be sure to check that before heading out.

It looks like there is a mandatory catch and kill on 2 hatchery steelhead so be sure to pay attention to what you're catching.

I have had 2 reports already from there and it sounds promising... both fish on the swing and fish nymphing.

For more info check out the Washington Fish and Game's website at:

Couple of Grande Ronde Steelhead pictures from the past 3 Days.

Grande Ronde Steelhead. Grande Ronde Steelhead with Sean Visintainer.