A Little Taste of Fall

Sean Visintainer - 09/25/18

Fall Fly Fishing

Fall has arrived

It's starting to look a bit like fall in the mountains now that we just officially entered the first week of fall. Just a short drive into Idaho and Montana and you will find that autumn has arrived! Along the banks of the Coeur d'Alene River, St. Joe, and elsewhere colors of yellow, gold, and red are starting to pop. The air is crisp and the water cold. As sad as I find it, wet wading is officially over in the mountains. Waist deep in stream right now without waders would be rather interesting and invigorating if you catch my drift.

Fall hatches are happening now, Octobers and some mahoganies, bwo's on some days as well. Fall sedges (caddis) have been out too. Often overlooked, but we've had a few reports of the caddis out and fish keying in on them. Be prepared. Reports have been varied of what is working day-to-day so having the small bugs like the bwo's or maybe even midges will find finicky slurpers more often than not. There have been some better reports of October caddis fishing too on the Coeur d'Alene River, not every day as this hatch is one of the more inconsistent hatches of the season but when they are on them, watch out!

The window of fall opportunity is still good, but it doesn't last long so get after it!