Late Summer Tiger Musky

Dave Dana - 08/24/15

Curlew Tiger Musky on the fly with Dave Dana. Photo by Sam Thompson - Dryft Waders

Musky, Musky, Musky...

As the evening temps fall and the daylight hours shorten we have reached the late summer mark, that gives us a good spike in activity from our toothy friends. If you have ever thought about chasing tigers here in the great Northwest, now is a perfect time to start. We have three local lakes that carry these hybrids offering anglers with watercraft a fairly good shot at a fish of a lifetime - Newman, Silver, and Curlew.

Fish large streamers, meaning 6"-12" in length, in chartreuse, black, or some combination of the two. Look for fish in 15 to 20 feet of water around rocky structure. Please use 8-10 weight rods in order to land the fish efficiently and carry a very long pair of needle nose pliers to remove the hook. These fish are a treasure so remember proper fish handling, keep them wet and so on. The larger fish are lethargic upon release and may require you to hold them upright for several minutes until they are able to swim away with authority.

If you have any questions feel free to give the shop a call 509-924-9998, or stop by we have have everything you need for an successful musky hunt.

- Cheers Musky Dave