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Wayne Jordan - 04/24/18

land o lake fishing

Stillwater action is heating up...

When people ask me why I enjoy lake fishing so much they get a one-word answer. Variety. The sheer number of lakes within a couple hours of Spokane is staggering. To the point where it could take you years to learn them all. Fish variety is another reason why I enjoy hitting the lakes every year. Many of the lakes in our area offer multiple species of trout, that on average grow much larger than their river cousins.

Late April and May is absolutely the best time to get out and explore these lakes we have in our area. Air and water temps are warming up, making both trout and bugs more active. Callibaetis can be found hatching on many of our local lakes right now and the start of the damsel hatch is only a couple weeks away.

Dry fly action during these hatches can be fun, but it can also get frustrating for anglers. When trout are feeding in stillwater it can be difficult to gauge where to place your offering due to their erratic movement. A simple solution is fishing a tandem nymph rig on a floating line with a short 1-3-inch retrieve. Cast towards the risers and hold on because usually there’s five fish feeding below the surface for every one you see eating dries. No, it’s not dry fly fishing, but the strikes are usually explosive, and you’ll probably catch more fish!

Don’t miss out on this action. Come into the shop and let us help you get dialed on all the great stillwater fishing our region has to offer!

- Wayne Jordan

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