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Sean Visintainer - 12/28/19

nternational Fly Fishing Film Festival Trailers

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Our 6th Annual International Fly Fishing Film Festival is just around the corner and we can't wait! A night out with fishing friends and fun is a perfect way to help get you through the winter doldrums.

The 2020 IF4 Film trailers are out and are looking better than ever. There are a wide variety of films from trout to permit, a little of something for every type of angler!

Here are a couple of the ones that caught my eye below...

Particles and Droplets
In a universe where two realms collide there is something beautiful and mysterious hidden to the untrained eye. We live in a world consisting of particles and solids, whereas they come from a world of droplets and flowing liquid. For us, there's an adventure waiting each time out, but will we make the effort to enjoy what's before us? Immerse yourself in this adventure only at IF4™ in 2020!

One Fish
The film One Fish takes an inside look at the fishery, guides, and the prized permit in the small country of Belize. Guides share how important the fishery in Belize is to them and how we can protect the fishery for future generations by taking proactive steps to ban gill nets in Belize. Only at IF4™ in 2020!

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