Ideal Conditions

Sean Visintainer - 01/25/18

Fly Fishing the St Joe River Idaho

Go for it, learn something new

If you were to only fish in ideal conditions your fishing time would be cut down to considerably. Recently Kenyon went down to the Grande Ronde in search of steelhead and as I talked to him on the phone about how his day went (which was excellent btw) he said despite the river being way high he went anyhow. Going despite the conditions was a great reminder of a philosophy I've always kept in the back of my mind...

If I were to fish only when the moon, stars, tides, river levels, etc all line up for perfect conditions that is great, but how would I learn anything new? Sure, fishing in the perfect conditions is awesome, I love those days, but what makes good anglers even better is being able to fish in a multitude of conditions and still being able to find fish.

Some of my favorite trips and best stories have come from adverse conditions. Sometimes the fishing ends of being ridiculously good, or a particular memorable fish was caught, or so forth. And yes, sometimes it's a bust in crappy conditions.

A lot of us set parameters on when we will go or not go fishing, like only fishing above a certain air temp, or if the water is at a specific cfs you won't go. I know I certainly follow my own set of rules at times which is great and a good gauge for a comfortable, successful outing, but sometimes it's good to even break your own rules or guidelines and just go for it. You never know, you just may learn something new for your bag of tricks on your next outing.