Hook Setting

Sean Visintainer - 05/08/15

Fly Rod Hook Setting Tips Video.

Match The Hook-Set to the Take

Setting the hook properly can be a tricky thing when fly fishing. There is a lot of room for error. One of the best sayings I have ever heard was from one of our long time guides and employees Britten Jay. Britten said, "Match the hook-set to the take." This is a perfect mantra for anyone struggling with getting hooked up on fish.

Matching the hook-set to the take can be applied to any type of fish and any type of fishing style... bobber, dry, streamer, etc. When the speed or aggressiveness of your hook-set matches the characteristics of the "eat", the odds of sticking the fish go up drastically.

Here is an example of what is meant by matching the hook-set to the take:

  • The Fish - Eats your fly very slowly or subtly.
  • You - A very slow and soft lift of the rod to set the hook.
  • The Fish - Eats your fly quick and aggressive like.
  • You - A very fast and firm lift of the rod to set the hook.

We made a quick video demonstrating how to set the hook more effectively depending on how the fish eats your fly.