Happy Halloween

Sean Visintainer - 10/31/19

Paying respects to the often overlooked whitefish.

Trick or Treat?

Today we show a little love for our friend, the whitefish. They never get the respect they deserve. A native fish and a good indicator to a healthy river system. Upon initial "bobber down" you really don't know that it's a whitefish, only later to find out as you scoop it in your net that it is not a trout. Just a close relative.

During the initial hookup and fight did you realize what kind of fish you had on? Probably not. You were just happy to have a take, a tight line, and a scrappy fight.

So on that note, this chilly Halloween day, we pay our respects for the fish that doesn't get much otherwise. We will leave it up to you whether to think of them as a trick or a treat.