5 Great Gift Ideas UNDER $30

Michael Visintainer - 12/14/12

Gifts Under $30 at the Silver Bow Fly Shop.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Here a are a couple last minute fly fishing gift ideas that any angler would appreciate! All of these products are under $30… most averaging around $20.

Montana Fly Company - River Camo Boxes.
  1. Slit foam for organization
  2. Super cool brown or brook trout graphics
  3. Lightweight
  4. $20
Rising Fly Fishing and Tying Tools.
  1. Well thought out designs
  2. A company that is starting to make product BACK in the USA
  3. Very durable
  4. $3-$20
Beginner Books/DVD's and Awesome Fly Fishing DVD's.
  1. Great gifts for anglers looking to start fly fishing
  2. Everyone loves fish porn DVD's
  3. Low & Clear... one of the best films made about fly fishing/li>
  4. $20-$30
Fly Fishing Leader Wallets.
  1. Stay organized!
  2. Recycled waders keeps waders from landfills!
  3. BW Sports wallet is simple and clean
  4. $10-$16
Runje Fish Releaser.
  1. Best gadget for releasing fish... I have at least 4 of these!
  2. Floats!
  3. Made Locally
  4. $10