Fun Photo

Sean Visintainer - 06/21/18

Underwater Salmonfly

Profile and size before color

Last week when I was up on the NF Coeur d'Alene River I was goofing around with some underwater shots. A few salmonflies were out still and one particular one had landed along the banks in the shallows. I thought a "fish eye" view from underneath would be a fun perspective. I ended up getting a couple good shots, but I didn't notice until a later after I put them on a larger screen there was pmd (pale morning dun) mayfly that had freshly hatched next to the salmonfly. As you can see in zoomed in photo there is the nymphal shuck with gas bubble and the newly hatched adult mayfly struggling to dry his wings on the surface next to the salmonfly. A bit of luck I would say and unplanned.

The photo also reminds though... while color is certainly one of three important attributes... in the glare of sun most objects look black from underneath. Size and profile are much more important. Food for thought, happy fishing!