4 Best Father's Day Gifts

Sean Visintainer - 06/11/19

Fly fishing the Spokane River on a guided fishing trip makes a great father's day gift idea.

Dad loves to go fly fishing!

Father's Day is coming up real quick and if you are like me you are a last minute shopper making gift giving a challenge! For the past 17 years I've sold folks father's day presents and I feel like the top 4 are these ones below...

  1. Spokane River Guided Trip. Your dad, husband, or partner loves to fish right? Well give them the gift of fly fishing! Easily the top gift for father's day. Even better if you go with them!

  2. Box of Hand Selected Flies. You can never have too many flies. Flies are the gateway to fish and fishing memories! We can pick an assortment and box for anywhere in the world they love to fish.

  3. Euro Nymph Set-Up. I can guarantee most fly fishing dad's don't have one of these yet! Euro nymphing is all the rage lately for those that want to CATCH fish... and lots of them! Who doesn't want to catch a lot of fish? We sell an assortment of euro rods, lines, and flies. Everything you need. We can put together a package or you can pick-up just the rod and let them get the rest. Guaranteed fun.

  4. Gift Card. Fly fisher's are picky. Trust me. Most of them return your gifts you bought them at Christmas for what they really wanted. Keep it simple and get them a gift card with any amount on it, maybe even combine it with a small box of flies. Trust me, fly fisherman LOVE getting a gift card to their favorite shop.

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