Four Early Season Stillwater Tips

Wayne Jordan - 03/20/18

Eastern Washington Lake Fly Fishing

Four Tips for stillwater success

Now that we've reached March and have finally turned the corner from winter to spring, it’s time to start fishing the lakes again. We're fortunate to have several lakes in the area that either open in March, or better yet are open year-round. Here are few tips for those of you venturing out in the coming weeks on lakes such as Amber, Medical, or Coffeepot.

  1. Once the lakes shed their winter layer of ice, you'll find fish concentrated along the shorelines. Focus on areas that that see the greatest amount of daylight (typically the northeast side). You'll find more bug activity and warmer water temps.
  2. Most of these fish haven't seen a fly in months and are hungry. Try using brighter patterns like hot-bead leeches or brightly colored buggers to invoke more strikes. Just remember to keep your retrieves slow because water temps will still be hovering in the 30’s and 40's.
  3. If you're using a float tube or pontoon boat, it’s a good idea to bring your pump with you on the lake. Even though you may have pumped your boat up to the max before getting on the lake, cold water and air temps will quickly suck the pressure out of your now half floating device.
  4. Check the forecast and dress for the weather. Nothing can ruin a day quicker than cold feet and hands. Hats, gloves, and warm layers are an absolute must in March and April!