Fly Shop Strong

Sean Visintainer - 11/27/17

Spokane River

The heart and soul of fly fishing

Fly shops. They are a hub for all things fly fishing. From local fishing intel, conservation projects, education, to connecting other anglers with those passionate about the same thing, as well as teaching future generations so that fly fishing may continue to grow and protect our resources that we all value so much. They are the voice for anglers.

When you shop at your local fly shop you support local people that provide you with local information. Without that support there is no source for local information. Do you think Big Box is putting money back into local conservation projects? No. Do you think Big Box cares how your local river is fishing? No. Do you think Big Box cares about your fishing stories and how to improve your success? No. A good fly shop listens, teaches, and strives to provide quality service and products.

Wherever you live, support your local fly shop. A great video done by our friends at Echo Fly Fishing about the importance of #flyshopstrong.

Fly Shop Strong Video