F3T - January 28th

Sean Visintainer - 01/09/20

2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour, F3T, is coming to Spokane, Washington

More great films this month!

The fly fishing films continue to roll this January with the crew from the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) making their annual stop in Spokane January 28th, 2020.

Wait, what?! Another film tour you ask? YES! There have been numerous types of fly fishing film tours going on in Spokane for a number of years now, here is a quick breakdown of the 3 film events shown here in Spokane...

Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) -
Started as a grassroots fly fishing film tour 14 years ago showcasing films from around the world. These guys really pioneered the whole revolution of fly fishing adventure films and fishing film tours. They bring the show to many cities across the country and beyond. They have since changed hands a few times over the years, but still do a great job of providing high quality fishing films / stories from all over the world. Jan 28th. Bing Crosby Theater, see below for more details. F3T Site

International Fly Fishing Film Tour (IF4) -
We (Silver Bow) bring this show to Spokane. The IF4 does not go out on tour, but instead has private businesses like us, or conservation groups rent the film / venue and show the movie. We just wrapped up our 7th showing at the Bing on Tuesday, we have also shown this film at the Garland. The IF4 is based out of Canada therefore you see more Canadian fisheries, but they do have other films from around the globe. We have often coupled this show with a fundraiser (Spokane River Benefit) but opted to skip the fundraiser this year until we find a conservation (or access) project we would like to be involved with. IF4 Site

Montana Fishing Film Festival -
Started seven years ago by Matt Devlin showcasing Montana fly fishing, but has now expanded beyond to other Rocky Mountain states. The MFFF travels around like the F3T showing a number of homegrown trout (and sometimes bass) videos. These guys do a great job of showcasing fishing scenarios and fisherman that we can all relate too. The MFFF boys will be here March 8th at the Garland. MFFF Site

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