Fishpond Cutbank Gear Bag Review

Sean Visintainer - 11/20/17

Fishpond Cutbank Gear Bag

Stay Organized, Stay Dry, Stay Happy

Most of you that frequent our shop know that we stock a LOT of bags and packs. We love 'em, customers love 'em. The staff and our fishing buddies are always on the lookout for the perfect bag or pack. Fishpond certainly nailed it in the boat bag division with the all new Cutbank Gear Bag. This all around mid-sized gear bag is perfect in a drift boat, raft, flats skiff or you when you just need some organization in your life.

Right away you notice that Fishpond is using a new coated recycled nylon fabric. It's highly durable yet has a smooth feel, pictures and video don't do it justice. The fabric combined with the molded lid and bottom create a sturdy bag with great structure and rigidity to hold it's shape and protect valuable contents. A feature that I failed to mention in the product review video, yet is one of the most noteworthy is the new zipper. It's smooth and easy to pull open or closed. Most water resistant gear bags you often end up fighting the zipper, not this one.

Plenty of lash points, internal pockets, and dividers keep you organized and fishing longer. Hauling the gear is a bit easier too with the optional shoulder strap that can be converted to a handle by simply cinching down and shorting the straps.

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