First Snow of the Season

Sean Visintainer - 11/10/18

Spokane Snow

An early winter?

Some folks get excited for the first snow of the season. I am not one of those folks. Never been a fan of winter. Tougher fishing, business slows, the days are short, too many layers, cold fingers, etc. I'll quite my bitching now.

We got our first sight of snow yesterday. Perhaps a sign of another good winter? Last year we had good snowpack. Which helped tremendously since our summer turned into a frickin' desert with no rain whatsoever. Maybe this year will be like last. I don't bother to keep up with the trends of what weather forecasters are saying, seems like they have a 50% chance of being right... or wrong. Sorry to any meteorologist that are reading this lol.

This first big shift in the weather can actually improve some fishing. Often early snow storms like this bring on the bwo's and midges making for some good midday dry fly fishing. You can sure bet you will find me on the Spokane River this week. Temps will warm up a bit next week however, and fall fishing should continue for just a little bit longer. Pack some beadhead nymphs, pack some streamers and sink-tips, bring an extra layer of fleece, and don't plan on fishing all day. Late morning into the afternoon will be best.

At any rate. Let's cross our fingers for another good winter and healthy rivers next season. It would be great thing for everyone and especially the trout.