First Day of Fall

Sean Visintainer - 09/23/19

Fall fly fishing along the Spokane River, WA is a great time for dry fly fishing for native Redband trout and fall colors.

No crowds. Lots of fun.

For the first day of fall, it sure feels like it. Big weather changes this week will shift the fishing straight towards classic fall conditions. Here's what to expect from here on out...

  • - Later morning starts
  • - Mid day hours best
  • - Fall hatches: mahoganies, bwo's, midges, fall caddis, October caddis
  • - Maybe some ant fishing still, hoppers are about done
  • - Daylight hours shorter
  • - Fall colors really starting to shine
  • - Waders will be worn
  • - Puffy jackets will be pulled out of the closet
  • - Pack a rain jacket
  • - Aggressive fish
  • - Uncrowded waters
  • - Streamer fishing
  • - Great nymphing
  • - Dry fly fishing!
  • - A good time!

Come see us for any of your fall needs...

  • - Guided trips. The Spokane River really kicks butt in the fall!
  • - Fall clothes. new flannels, jackets, etc hitting the store shelves now and over the next week or so
  • - Fall fly patterns. We got all the right patterns
  • - Knowledge. We will always point you in the right direction for good fishing!