Final Fly Tying Class

Sean Visintainer - 02/27/20

Beginner Fly Tying Classes scheduled at Spokane's Fly Shop the Silver Bow.

A couple spaces open!

We have one final Intro Fly Tying Classes scheduled this weekend to finish out our winter tying season here at the shop. If you were wanting to learn how to tie flies or need a refresher, this beginner fly tying course is perfect for you.

Wayne Jordan will be teaching you the fundamental steps to successful fly tying creating a solid foundation to build upon. We supply all the tools and materials for use. You just need to sign up and show up!

Day Date Time  
Saturday February 29, 2020 9:30 am to 12:30 pm  

  • Cost - $40.00 / Non-Refundable
  • Payment - Call 509-924-9998 (Silver Bow Fly Shop) to register. Have your credit card ready
  • Location -
  • Equipment - No equipment required / Materials and tools provided

  • Instructor - Wayne Jordan
  • Some folks are just plain fishy. Wayne Jordan is one of those guys. Wayne, aka "Wayne from Mayne", has been a part of the local scene of fly fishing for quite some time. Like most of us, Wayne has an affliction for trout on the Spokane and across the Idaho / Montana borders, but he also is more than avid about carp and other warmwater species. While he tends to maintain a low-key profile most folks that know Wayne know that he is out fishing a local haunt before, after, or perhaps even during work hours. He rarely lets free time slip through his hands without a fly rod in them... and he rarely lets the fish win!

  • Wayne Jordan Wayne Jordan