Euro Tying and Tactics Class

Sean Visintainer - 02/04/19

Euro Fly Tying

Twist and Learn

Euro nymphing is the hot technique right now for good reason, you can flat out CATCH FISH! I love it, the Silver Bow team loves it, you will love it. Trust me. Learn more about the flies and tactics from seasoned euro-man Wayne Jordan.

Learn patterns such as

  1. Eagan's Red Dart
  2. Duracell
  3. Jigged 20-Incher
  4. Quill Body Baetis
These flies are not for beginner fly tiers

Call 509-924-9998 to sign-up, have your credit card ready! Space is limited.

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Euro Nymph Tying / Tactics Class

  • Date - Saturday, February 16th, 2019
  • Location - Silver Bow Fly Shop Directions
  • Time - 9:30 PM / 12:00 PM
  • Instructor - Wayne Jordan
  • Cost - $40.00 Includes all tools and materials for use.

Euro Fly Tying