December Buzz

Sean Visintainer - 12/09/17

Spokane River Fly Fishing

Less spam from your family at the Silver Bow.

Frosty mornings this week are the chilly reminder the deep freeze of winter is near. Luckily though midday temps are hanging in there to allow for a short escape to one of our local fisheries. Currently most all the rivers are a level of "fishable" meaning A) they aren't frozen B) they aren't too high C) they are cold D) it's better than nothing! Typically by this time we see lots of ice shelves and slush in the rivers and so far we are fortunate enough to not have much of either. Dress warm, fish deep, and fish slow.

I'm sure many of your social media feeds, email inboxes, and tv ads are filling up with tons of holiday offers and specials so hopefully you find our content to be more useful, enjoyable, and less spam like. Of course we always have some gear or gift ideas this time of the year but we try to keep the junk to a minimum. If you can't make it into the shop check out our online store, we have lots of items on there already and keep adding weekly. We stock A LOT of gear so it will take awhile to put it all on there! Remember you can always give us a call 509-924-9998 to ask if we have something and we will gladly ship it out. Free shipping on most items over $75.

What's shop life like in December? Well there never seems to be a dull moment. While foot traffic is traditionally slower in the first half of December we keep busy with numerous inventory projects, online projects, stocking the shelves for holiday shoppers, and planning for the upcoming spring. Wayne and I have snuck down to the Spokane for quick fixes since time has been limited testing our patience with snotty rising redbands in the calm water sections. Bo and our new shop employee Kenyon Pitts (bio coming next newsletter) have been down on the GR / Snake looking for steelheading. Mike love's constantly tweaking things and crunching numbers so "Mr. Data" has been busy between the website and managing inventory. You can thank him and Wayne for really keeping that fly tying room stocked lately!

Thanks for your support and remember to tell Santa where to find your shiny new toys for the holidays!