COVID-19 Response

Sean Visintainer - 03/16/20

Spokane River Redband Trout.

The rivers and lakes are CoronaVirus Free

What a whirlwind of change this past week. Never did I think I would be writing about how we are addressing the issue of Corona Virus at the Silver Bow.

We have been discussing the undeniable impact that it will have on our employees, customers, and immediate future of business.

  • Sanitation
    Yes, we have stepped up our sanitizing and cleaning here at the shop. We are keeping up on it regularly with frequently touched items as well as ourselves. Enough said here.

  • Silver Bow Staff Health
    Our staff is our number one priority. We do not want them becoming sick, as well as infecting others. If they have any symptoms they will of course not be coming into work. To help with this we will do our best to keep our distance, use plenty of hand sanitizer, etc. If you could please pay with a credit or debit card as well that will help reduce the need to handle cash.

  • If You Are Sick
    If you are sick in any way, shape, or form do everyone a favor and DO NOT COME IN. Use common sense please.

  • Business as Usual
    Currently we are operating the normal store hours at the shop, this may change if we feel business has been greatly impacted by the lack of cash flow through the store. What you will notice effective immediately is a reduction of employees on shift. We will be operating with 1 sales person on shift rather than 2 until further notice. Please be patient with them if you come in and there are multiple customers at once, also be self aware if you are taking a lot of their time and others are waiting to be helped.

  • Curbside To-Go
    If you would like to continue to support the Silver Bow, but do not want to come into the store, please let us know via phone 509-924-9998 or Email and we can deliver the product outside to you in your vehicle.

  • Online Sales
    Don't forget we have an online store and can ship you product! If you don't see it on our site please reach out, we have many items in stock that we have not been able to get on our online store. If you have visited our brick and mortar store you know that we carry an incredible amount of gear and stock most of the top manufacturers in the shop.

  • Guided Trips
    Effectively immediately we are altering our Washington Guided Trip Booking Policy until further notice. Trips altered, or cancelled, under our 45 day cancellation policy window will not be penalized meaning you will receive your full deposit back or can reschedule the date within a year. We want to be as flexible as possible and want you to rest assured that IF COVID-19 related issues prohibit you from attending a trip in 2020 that we will work with you to make it right. We do ask that rather than cancel the trip completely that you try to reschedule to a later date, up to one year past the original trip date.

  • Social Distancing Ideas
    Fly fishing, fly tying, and the great outdoors are the ABSOLUTE PERFECT WAY to keep distance from others. With great weather in the forecast and spring on the horizon, we hope that you will continue to enjoy your passions. We know that we will.

  • Subject To Change
    Because of the rapidly changing situations and unprecedented nature of this unforeseen circumstance please understand that all of these new policies can change at a moments notice and we will do our best to inform our angling following if that happens.

We truly appreciate your support over the years and through this interesting and challenging times. If you have any questions or need help please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to help.

Silver Bow Fly Shop guide Kenyon Pitts demonstrating the right thing to do when self quarantined.