Clark Fork Report

Bo Brand - 07/31/18

Bo Brand Silver Bow Fly Shop

Sometimes you just gotta go

As everyone who fishes the Clark Fork knows, hot bluebird sunny days are not optimal. I went anyway.

We left Spokane at 4am drove the two hours to St Regis, hoping to catch the last of the morning hatch. With 41 degrees temp at Lookout I thought there's no chance it gets to the mid 90's, it did. We launched my boat at just after 7am, and found a few fish rising right at the boat launch. Had a handful of rises and two small fish landed, then it got HOT!

There were little-to-no bugs on the water and only the occasional mid-river rise. We found sporadic action on small hoppers and goldenstones. Nothing nymphing and only Pike Minnow on streamers. Midday there were a few micro caddis and pmd's hatching which got the fish rising a little more regularly, not that we hooked many of them.

Somewhere around 2 o'clock the lovely Clark Fork wind came up gusting in the 20 mph range down stream, ultimately speeding up the bottom half of the float more than desired. I was hoping to float into the night but the river had other plans with that wind. The high water has moved lots of sand around so if your taking out at 14 mile bring a rope to drag your boat up the sand about twenty feet.

The Clark Fork is in good shape with good water temp, and will fish well in the right conditions. I do think the hoot owl restrictions will be on sooner than we think with the weather that we've had lately. So go soon and hope for an overcast day, if its blue bird and hot, fish hard real early and late, then enjoy the water and a cold beverage during the heat of the day.