Choosing the Correct Fly Line

Sean Visintainer - 04/13/18

Fly Fishing Rods/Reels/Lines

A fresh start

Every spring as the weather starts to turn many anglers start to dust of the gear from last year and begin reviewing what they need for the upcoming season. For many a fresh fly line is a high priority on that list of must haves. A lot can be said about a new fly line versus your old, worn out, cracked, dirty, and just plain exhausted fly line. New line breathes life back in to your rod. A clean, undamaged fly line improves the shootability and floatation performance.

Additionally, making sure you are properly matching the fly line taper to the rod is of even greater importance. Like throwing chubby chernobyls on the Spokane River? Well there are lines that excel at that type of presentation. Like to lay down delicate presentations for sipping trout on your favorite Idaho cutty river? There are lines for that too. You wouldn't put winter tires on your summer sports car correct? Same with fly lines. Matching the design of the taper for the intended use makes life more enjoyable out there on the water. And perhaps it just may help you catch a few more fish!

Our friend Zach Dalton at RIO put together a good video about properly selecting the correct RIO Fly Line. Check it if you are in the market for a fresh start this season and come visit us to help you properly select a new line, or shop with us on our site.

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