Holiday Gift Ideas

Sean Visintainer - 12/14/17

Fly Fishing Gifts available at the Silver Bow Fly Shop.

10 gift ideas for the fly angler in your life

I know, holiday shopping... those two words can conjure all sorts of mixed feelings and emotions. For some words like chaos, stressful, expensive come to mind... for others it's bargain, holiday cheer, or giving. Whichever side of the fence you are on about holiday shopping hopefully shopping with us is easy and smooth and definitely not stressful! We compiled a short list of ideas for those struggling to come up with last minute gift ideas. While we have many more items on the online store these are few select ones we thought the angler (or fly tier) in your life might enjoy... we know we sure would!

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Fly Fishing Gift Ideas 1 through 5.
Loon Iconic Kit Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit Fishpond Burrito Wader Bag Rising Steller Scissors RepYourWater Hats
  1. Loon Iconic Kit - $54.95
    Loon combined their mega popular Quickdraw Rogue Forceps with their handy Nip n Sip 2.0 Nippers for a tough to beat combo. Pinching barbs and popping bottle caps never got so easy!
  2. Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit - $89.55
    If your favorite fly tier has been tying on the same tools since 1995 maybe it's time for an upgrade? Loon has made some seriously nice tools in the "Ergo" line that every fly tier could use and enjoy.
  3. Fishpond Burrito Wader Bag - $59.95
    Yummmm burritos! Keep your favorite angler organized and keep the mess contained with the new Burrito Wader Bag from Fishpond. Throw your soaked gear in and go!
  4. Rep Your Water Lids - $25
    Two of our hometown fish. The Redband is Spokane's iconic trout that inhabits our river. The Westslope Cutthroat swims in the Spokane and nearby Coeur d'Alene and St. Joe Rivers. You pick your favorite anglers home water and you have an instant winner! - Redband Trout / Cutthroat Trout
  5. Rising Stellar Scissor - $25
    Every fly tier can tie more efficiently and enjoyable with the fresh pair of razor sharp scissors. These all purpose scissors have been a hit with our fly tying and staff. We use them everyday!
Fly Fishing Gift Ideas 6 through 10.
Echo Base Fly Rod and Reel Combo Lamson Liquid Reel 3-Pack Spokane River Guided Fly Fishing Trips Gift Cards Original Tacky Fly Box
  1. Tacky Fly Boxes - $$
    Tacky Boxes have become some of the most popular fly boxes on the market. For good reason, they are VERY well made at a good price! Call us if you would like to add some popular flies to your box order!
  2. ECHO Base Kit - $169.95
    Pretty tough to beat this package if you are looking to get someone (or yourself) into fly fishing! Just add some flies and hit the water! Excellent set-up at a great price.
  3. Lamson Liquid 3-Pack #2 - $159.99
    An excellent bargain on a popular fly reel for by Lamson. The Liquid 3-Pack is perfect for the angler needing to upgrade their old fly reel and needs the flexibility of extra spools for different fly lines. The kit includes 2 extra spools at a savings of $31.98 plus the carrying case! The #2 size is perfect for 4,5, or 6wt fly rods (ie... the most popular trout sizes so you can't go wrong).
  4. Spokane River Guided Trip - $395
    Give the gift of fishing! Get your loved one out of the house and doing what they love the most, fishing! Let us do the rowing. We will send you a gift card to wrap for under the tree, then they simply call us to schedule their trip!
  5. Silver Bow Gift Card - $5 - 5,0000
    Fly fisherman LOVE gift cards! We are a particular bunch, let us do the shopping. We may need a new line or can apply it to a new fly rod... take the guess work out. Any amount can be put onto a gift card!