Warmwater Update

Dave Dana - 03/21/16

Dana Dana with an early season Tiger Musky.

The Pre-Spawn Bite

The warm weather has brought lake temps up and most of the warmwater species are on the move. You will find large and small mouth bass in 10-15 feet of water staging on the edges of flats, typical pre-spawn behavior. Don't be shy on fishing the shallow bays and coves as both species will move into very shallow water to feed. Pre-spawn fishing can be the best fishing of the year. Ditch Pushers in firetiger, chartreuse/silver are your top options. On lighter 6 weight rods throw double bunnies in olive and white or the belly ache minnow in perch. If your after tiger musky you have to work deeper water. The cool night and stable, but cooler, water have the fish holding a deeper, 15 to 25 feet over structure. Rock piles, deep weed lines and drop offs. While I caught musky at both Silver and Newman this weekend, I had to work for them. Larger ditch pushers in red headed stepchild, or green/chartreuse/silver are top choices. The shop is well stocked with all the flies you will need to pursue these warm water species over coming months.

- Musky Dave