How to fly fish the Spokane River Presentation

Sean Visintainer - 05/02/16

Fly Fishing the Spokane River

Save the drive time, fish more.

Sometimes a 1-2 hour drive is just not realistic for anglers that have busy schedules and are short on time. Lucky for us, we have a really neat urban trout fishery right in our backyard. The Spokane River has some beautiful wild trout and pretty decent access overall. While this fishery may not be a 50 fish kinda of day out, it can really produce some outstanding trout that fight very hard.

For many the Spokane remains a mystery on how to consistently catch fish on it, let us help you learn the river faster so you can spend more time fishing and less time traveling. In this seminar we discuss where to go, tactics, seasons, hatches, and what rock to stand on. Jk, the rock part is for you to figure out :)