50 Plus Gift Ideas

Sean Visintainer - 12/12/16

Fly Fishing Gifts available at the Silver Bow Fly Shop.

54 Ideas that won't disappoint

The countdown has begun for slackers like myself that procrastinate at holiday shopping. I do love to give gifts, I just suck at buying them early. Well don't fret for all you last minute shoppers the Silver Bow Fly Shop is stocked with tons of great gift ideas. We have all sorts of prices too from just a few bucks all the way up to whatever you want to spend. The sky is the limit. We won't steer you wrong.

Here a the top 50 plus ideas that Kelby and I picked that grabbed our eye as we perused the shop floor:

All items listed are in-stock!

Fly Fishing Gift Ideas 1 through 10.
  1. Silver Bow logo Sili Pint glass - $10.95
    Unbreakable silicone pint glass. Perfect for the drift boat, river, or around camp. Just add your favorite beverage.
  2. Sigthline leather bracelets - $50.00
    Handmade in Texas. These leather bracelets remind you what you would rather be doing! These have been very popular and trendy.
  3. Mongoose Vise by Griffin - $225
    The vise that I tie on. This very popular vise is not only very sturdy and smooth, it is made in the US and comes with a lot of features. Excellent hook holding power for a range of sizes.
  4. Nautilus X Reel - $275+
    The hottest fly reel on the market and a killer price. Super lightweight machined aluminum made in Florida with a sealed drag system. 3 sizes from trout to bonefish. Badass.
  5. Hardy Marquis Fly Reel - $349+
    The newly redesigned Hardy Marquis. This classic fly reel is now back to it's roots and manufactured in England. The Marquis' stylish good looks comes in a variety of sizes from little 3/4 weights up to full on spey rods. I just bought one for a trout switch rod. Love it.
  6. Spokane Redband Shirt - $19.95
    We love the Spokane River and redbands. Show off your love for your home river. 3 colors.
  7. Silver Bow Logo Tumbler - $29.95
    Insulated tumbler with your favorite fly shop logo. Excellent stocking stuffer especially couple with an assortment of flies.
  8. The Imperiled Cutthroat Book - $24.95
    This book traces the history and plight of wild cutthroat in Yellowstone, while highlighting other great place to fish for trout.
  9. Rising Brookie Net - $99
    Anodized aluminum handle and hoop with a rubber net bag. This super sturdy net as a pop of color to any fish photo and should last forever.
  10. Fishpond Sushi Rolls - $24.95
    Roll up your favorite streamer collection in this handy foam fly box. It's unique design has been super popular. Doubles as a pillow for sunny afternoons along the riverbank.
Fly Fishing Gift Ideas 11 through 20.
  1. Silver Bow Logo Insulated 20 oz - $34.95
    Insulated to keep drinks warm or cold no matter the conditions. Comes with 2 styles of lids and laser etched with our popular fish access logo. Last holiday season these flew off the shelf!
  2. Simms Stocking Hats - $20+
    Lots of options to keep your noggin toasty
  3. Patagonia Stocking Hats - $29
    Keep your head styling and warm
  4. Bounty Hunter Waterproof Dry Bag - $29.95
    Love this bag, especially for the price. I always keep my jackets and any extra articles of clothing in this handy bag on every trip I take.
  5. Limited Edition Hatch Fly Reels - $490+
    Super stealthy matte gray Hatch Fly Reels. We only have 1 each of the 4, 5, 7 sizes so once they go they are gone forever! Shop staff favorite.
  6. Simms Pom Beanie - $39.95
    Definitely one of the warmest beanies out there.
  7. Tacky Fly Boxes - $24+
    These silicone lined fly boxes have been one of our top sellers. They are exceptionally made and now come in a variety of styles.
  8. Hatch Aluminum Fish Tail Bottle Opener - $25
    One of the nicest bottle openers money can buy!
  9. Graham - $1 million
    12 month old golden retriever. Some days he's mellow, some days he's a terror.
  10. Olive The Wooly Bugger Book Series - $12.95 ea
    A neat kids book written by a friend of the shop Kirk Werner. A classic book that will surely entertain any future fly fisher.
Fly Fishing Gift Ideas 21 through 30.
  1. Simms Pliers - $179.95
    A super beefy pair of pliers perfect for salwater, steelhead, salmon, bass, pike or any large fish species. Comes with a handy cutter and sheath.
  2. Plan D Fly Boxes - $16+
    An ingenious idea for keeping articulated flies from tangling each other in your box. Made in Gig Harbor, these boxes come in a few different formats to keep you organized.
  3. Hatch Nippers - $100
    Nicest nippers on the market. Do you need $100 nippers? No. Do you want $100 nippers? Yes. These aluminum nippers are the finest out there and work better than any others especially when it comes to larger diameter tippets. Nice easy to grip styling.
  4. Hatch Knot Tension Tool - $40
    Anglers chasing saltwater fish or other fish requiring large sized leaders will like this handy device to aid in tightening up leader material. Doubles as a bottle opener and gas cap opener all rolled into one.
  5. Fishpond Swivel Retractor - $18.95
    Aluminum body and a super secure pin to lock the retractor to any pack, vest, or article of clothing. One of the nicer retractors on the market for holding tools.
  6. Fishpond Barracuda Aluminum Clippers - $29.95
    This aluminum body clipper has been on the market for quite awhile which says to me that it is one solid product! I have the older version which has been great and this newer model now comes with an even sharper razor style cutter.
  7. Hatch Pliers - $300 / $320
    Baller status pliers. These machined aluminum pliers come with a super sharp cutter built-in and a handmade leather sheath. These pliers are perfect in both salt and freshwater and will last a lifetime. Any angler would be honored to have a set of these bad boys!
  8. Abel Nippers - $70+
    One of the most sought after nippers. Abel was the first to the market with a level of nipper that now others have tried to duplicate. These silky smooth nippers will last forever. I bought a pair last season and now want more on every pack I own!
  9. Rising Big Nipper - $12
    An economically priced nipper for big paws. These extra large cutters bite through any tippet out there with ease and wont' break the bank.
  10. Rising Diamond Hook Sharpener - $10.95
    One of my most often used items in my pack, but most often overlooked by anglers. Sharp hooks means better hook-ups. A few swipes on this diamond file will spruce up any dull hook to keep you bend deep in the mouth of fish.
Fly Fishing Gift Ideas 31 through 40.
  1. 32 oz Tempercraft Insulated Bottle - $34.95
    Insulated. Hot or cold. Killer logo. Stay hydrated.
  2. Simms Big Sky Belts - $59.95
    Show off your love for fish with this styling leather belt and metal fish buckle.
  3. Rising Pliers - $20
    We have a variety of pliers from Rising for every job. These pliers are built to last and come with cutters and cushy handles.
  4. Fly Patches - $5.95+
    The 20th century version of the old wool fly patch. These foam patches can be attached to any pack, vest or bag for used flies or quick access to hot flies.
  5. Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder - $19.95
    One of the nicest tippet carries on the market. Made of aluminum and comes with a cutter. Stay organized and dialed in on your game.
  6. Loon Fly Tying Tools - $9.95+
    Matt Callies and the folks at Loon nailed these new tools. Ergo bobbin, multi function hackle pliers and other awesome tools.
  7. Silver Bow 64oz Growler - $59.95
    Like beer? Or a shit load of hot chocolate? This is your storage device. Logo'd and my favorite color black.
  8. Simms Bounty Hunter Reel Pouch - $14.95+
    Add a little protection to your $600 dollar reel and allow it to air dry. Currently available in medium and large to fit most fly reels.
  9. Skagit Revolution DVD - $29.95
    Our good friend Tom Larimer nailed it with this super detailed spey casting DVD. The market needed an actual instructional DVD that covered the basic foundations of spey casting and more advanced techniques. Tom's way of teaching is undoubtedly some of the easiest to follow instruction in the world.
  10. Simms Basic Beanie - $19.95
    Basic yes. Warm yes. Priced right yes.
Fly Fishing Gift Ideas 41 through 54.
  1. Loon Tippet Stacker - $15.95
    Kinda a neat way to store tippet. Flat!
  2. Simms Flasks - $29.95
    Like to drink? Remind yourself of fishing when you take a swig of your favorite whiskey.
  3. Rogue Quick Draw Forceps - $24.95
    Definitely some of the most trick forceps on the market. Clip to anywhere! Cut tippet, pinch split shot, hook eye poker, thing jaws for debarbing small hooks. The quick draw forceps deserve an award if they haven't got any yet for their thoughtful design.
  4. Simms Wading Koozy - $12.95
    Attach your beer or soda to any pack or belt and help keep it cold.
  5. 3-Tand Aluminum Pliers - $79.95
    What a nice plier of the money! Aluminum and lightweight. A great spring opener and cutter. Comes with sheath and extra set of split-ring jaws for gear fishing (or split shot openers). Staff favorite for the money.
  6. Simms Guide Nippers - $49.95
    Not that old models sucked, but these guys for $50 bones are pretty darn nice. ALMOST as nice as the Abels and made in the USA.
  7. Simms River Gift Pack - $49.95
    Fishy belt, fishy wallet. Maybe gives you more juju? Definitely lets others know you are a fisherman.
  8. Simms Guide Beanie - $24.95
    A classic beanie from Simms with windstopper. Year after year this is a top seller for its coziness and warmth.
  9. Fishpond Molded Drink Holders - $19.95+
    Keep your beer from getting crushed. Attached to lots of packs or belts.
  10. Simms Camp Gift Pack - $29.95
    Playing cards check. Flask check. Gunna have a good time, check.
  11. Simms Thirsty Trout Bottle Opener - $5.95
    Great little stocking stuffer.
  12. Fishpond River Rat Beverage Holder - $29.95
    Fanciest beverage holder on the market! Insulated and can hang from anywhere.
  13. Spokane River Guided Trip - $395.95
    Let us float you down the beautiful Spokane River Gorge for the day. The Spokane River is home to native redband trout and offers a little slice of wilderness fun right in our backyard. We love to show anglers Spokane's hidden gem! When booking a guide trip for a Christmas present we will put the trip onto a gift card and provide a brochure with information so the recipient has something to unwrap under the tree. The trip can be scheduled by the recipient for a later date.
  14. Gift Card - ???
    None of these ideas don't sound appealing? Well these are just the tip of the ice berg for what we have in-stock. Let the favorite angler in your life choose something out with a gift card. Any amount can be put on card. Cards work perfect for merchandise, classes, or trips!