2015 Gift Guide Under $40

Sean Visintainer - 12/09/15

Fly Fishing Gifts / Accessories Under 40 Dollars available at the Silver Bow Fly Shop.

20 Items Under $40

Need a little extra help picking out gifts for the angler that has everything?
Let us help! We have compiled a list of fly fishing gear that we think make great gift ideas.

All items listed are in-stock!

10 Fly Fishing Accessories Under 40 Dollars
  1. Silver Bow Stainless Insulated Bottles - $29.95 (20oz) $34.95 (32oz)
    These stainless steel bottles keep cold liquids cold for 24hours and hot liquids hot for 12hours.
  2. Fishpond Molded Bottle Holder - $19.95
    Like the Simms Koozy, but more ridged for protecting cans and bottles. Can easily strap to raft frames, drift boats, packs, belts, anywhere!
  3. Simms Nipper - $29.95
    All aluminum construction. Similar to the very popular Abel Nipper for about half the price, and made in the USA!
  4. Walton's Thumb - $39.95
    Walton's Thumb was a popular fisherman's tool from the 70's brought back to life. Has 10 useful features, made of stainless steel, very high quality.
  5. Fishpond Barracuda Clippers - $29.05
    Ultra lightweight aluminum clippers that can get in tight for a close, precise cut. These clippers have been around for awhile and are built to last!
  6. Simms Wading Koozy - $12.95
    This neoprene koozy keeps your drinks handy and insulated. Velcro belt loop attaches to wading belts or packs quickly and easily.
  7. Fishpond Tippet Holder - $19.95
    Hands down the nicest tippet holder every made. Aluminum construction and has a built-in line cutter. Very nice.
  8. Fish Releasers - $9.95
    Runje Fish Releaser - Made locally by the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club. This fish release tool has been around for decades and works like a charm! Love this gadget.

    Guides Choice Fish Releaser - $8.50
    Similar to the Runje, just a slightly tweaked design that works well for most flies including streamers.
  9. Simms Flask - $29.95
    Needs no explanation :)
  10. Retractors - $18.95(Fishpond) $12.99(Gear Keeper)
    Fishpond aluminum cased coil retractors are very sturdy and perfect for any fishing gadgets you don't want to loose. Gear Keeper Retractors are the industry standard in high quality retractors built in the USA.
10 Fly Fishing Gifts Under 40 Dollars
  1. Rising Shot Pack - $30
    A sweet little pack just big enough for a few essentials. Hook it to your belt, waistband, or hip pack and go! Tools not included sorry.
  2. Fishpond Shushi Roll - $24.95(sm), $29.95(md), $39.95(lg)
    The ever popular sushi roll now comes in 2 more sizes. These foam fly "rolls" are great for streamer and big fly storage.
  3. Streamer Stans Fly Box - $29.95
    Streamer Stan (aka Mike Visintainer) put together his favorite fish catching streamers in a handy compartment box. These flies are guaranteed...
  4. Elusive Trout Book - $39.95 (Signed)
    This book is an excellent coffee table quality book by local artist Deanna Camp and author Paul Quinnett (Pavlov's Trout). Quirky, fun, and entertaining. Signed!
  5. Simms Quick Stash Lanyard - 29.95
    A tool lanyard featuring a unique, magnetic, interchangeable system so you can keep your most used items at your finger tips.
  6. Simms Quick Stash Accessory Kit - $29.95
    Like the lanyard, but for vests, packs, boat bags, etc keeping most used items handy all the time.
  7. Hats - 19.95 - 29.95
    Holy crap we have hats. Silver Bow hats, Patagonia, Simms, Howler, tons!
  8. Tacky Tube Fly Box - $18
    Tacky Fly Boxes have been a hit with their high quality silicone foam fly inserts and durable construction. Now the standard fly box comes in a tube form perfect for your frequently used flies to air dry after being used. Measures 2" L x 1.75" W.
  9. MFC Artistic Series Fly Boxes - $19.99
    Montana Fly Company adds a little color to your ordinary fly box with their popular artistic series river fly box. These composite boxes have slit foam rows that securely hold dries / nymphs. We can help load them up too!
  10. Rising Stellar Scissors - $25
    A nice new addition to the Rising product line. The Stellar Scissor is a heavy duty scissor with ultra fine tips capable of precise cuts on small dries and equally at home trimming spun deer heads or synthetics.