2015 Gift Guide $50 to $160

Mike Visintainer - 12/14/15

Fly Fishing Gifts / Accessories 50 to 160 dollars available at the Silver Bow Fly Shop.

10 Items from $50 to $160

All items listed are in-stock!

5 Fly Fishing Accessories 50 to 160 Dollars
  1. Fishpond Drift Boat Caddie - $99.95
    Hang it on your drift boat, rubbermaid tote, or favorite cooler. This handy bag keeps fly boxes and drinks within arms reach.
  2. Fishpond Cerveza Side Kick - $69.95
    Similar to the Drift Boat Caddie in a smaller, more compact version. This even doubles as a chest or sling pack. Keep your favorite drink upright as you fish!
  3. Abel Nippers - $60-70
    The originators of high-end / high-quality machined aluminum nippers. These are a thing of beauty. Precision cuts, Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the USA, built to last.
  4. Abel Zinger - $60
    A machined aluminum zinger (retractor), Made in the USA by Abel... high quality? Well duh! As with any Abel product this is not your ordinary zinger. This zinger means business. Buttery smooth and built to last.
  5. Simms Pliers - $159.95
    Solid, precision pliers Made in the USA. Built-in cutter and spring loaded handles make these pliers the perfect companion on your next saltwater adventure. Also excellent for steelies, bass, and other toothy critters. Includes sheath.
Fly Fishing Gifts Under 160 Dollars
  1. Hatch Nippers - $100
    Wow. Like the Abel Nippers, but a little "beefier". These are top-of-the-line nippers. Can't buy a better one. If you want extreme cutting power for fresh and saltwater, this is literally the last nipper you will own. Perfection. Made in USA, built to last FOREVER. Includes lanyard.
  2. Fishpond Nomad Hand Net - $125.95
    Carbon fiber, lightweight and strong. The Fishpond Nomad series of nets are incredibly nice. Classy, techy, and functional, they feel good in your hand and are just the right size.
  3. 2015 Lamson Guru #2 Closeout - $125.97 (Regularly $209.95)
    The workhorse of the Lamson lineup. We still have a few Guru Size 2 reels left at 40% off. This size is perfect for 4, 5, or 6 wt's. All aluminum, made in USA, machined, and fully sealed. We are closing out 2015 model #2 reels only.
  4. Tightlines Vehicle Rod Mounts - $120
    Magnetic rod mounts perfect for transporting your strung rods from spot to spot along the river. There are numerous rod mounts on the market, these are by far the cleanest and most durable I have seen / used.
  5. Simms Exstream Gloves - $49.95 - $59.95
    Windproof and warm. The Exstream series of gloves comes in 3 styles for your angling preference. This time of the year I don't fish without 'em!