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All-Purpose Streamer Taper by Kelly Galloup

Airflo's Streamer Float is so much more than just a floating streamer line. We absolutely love the Streamer Float for a multitude of tactics. If you like to fish dry / dropper rigs especially patterns like the chubby chernobyl or throw wind resistant foam patterns this line can handle it no problem. The Airflo Streamer Float also makes a great nymph line with the long, powerful rear taper and short front taper the Streamer Float turns over indicator rigs and mends with ease. As the name implies, the Streamer Float makes an excellent choice for chucking meaty streamer patterns when a sink tip is not needed. Need to get down more? Simply add a sinking poly leader to the front and the Streamer Float turns into a make-shift sink tip line. This lines also makes for a great bass line when chucking poppers or heavy flies to structure. The Airflo Streamer Float designed by Kelly Galloup just may be one of the best "western" trout fishing lines on the planet.

We use this fly line for big dry flies and not as a streamer line.


  • Low stretch power core
  • Super-Dri coating
  • Ridge Technology
  • Power taper for maximum turnover
  • Easy to mend
  • Great for big dries, dry / droppers, nymphing, or streamers
  • Imported


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