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Airflo's Kelly Galloup Shovelhead Streamer Max Long gets down and dirty in a hurry! If you love throwing big nasty streamers in search of the baddest fish in the river, then the Shovelhead is your weapon of choice. Designed by Galloup with an innovative double weight-forward design to cast the biggest flies with ease. The fast sinking head also dives quickly getting you into the zone and keeping you there. Your fly should be doing what it needs to be doing within the first few feet of contact with the water, the Shovelhead gets right to action. If chucking meat is your thing, and you want to improve your success rate, then the Airflo Shovelhead is your line.

Note: If you prefer to fish the 6wt rods for streamers the 280 grain line will work well with modern, fast action 6wt rods.


  • Low stretch core with only 6% stretch for sensitivity and solid hook sets.
  • Supple coating for memory free use in cold water conditions.
  • PVC Free Coating resist UV, Deet, and cracking.
  • Loop-to-Loop connections for quick leader changes.
  • Reduced friction with Ridge Technology for fast line speed through the guides.
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