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Airflo revamped the mega popular Skagit Compact creating a shooting head capable of hucking any sink-tip in your arsenal. With new Zone Technology the back of the skagit head has more buoyancy for improved mending and tracking while the tip features increased density to improve turnover and reduce hinging at the loop connection with the sink-tip. Ultimately, the Airflo Skagit Compact G2 requires less energy to cast, produce tight and precise loops, and is very stable in flight. Add the fact that the Skagit Compact G2 is built on a low stretch PowerCore for better hook sets and sensitivity and features high floating Super-DRI technology.

SKU Head Weight Rod Weight Head Length Loop Color
RS-SKC2-450-MG 450 gr 6/7 23' Tan
RS-SKC2-480-MG 480 gr 7/8 23' Yellow
RS-SKC2-510-MG 510 gr 7/8 24' Pink
RS-SKC2-540-MG 540 gr 8/9 24' Orange
RS-SKC2-570-MG 570 gr 8/9 25' Light Green
RS-SKC2-600-MG 600 gr 8/9 25' Dark Green
RS-SKC2-630-MG 630 gr 9/10 25' Light Blue
RS-SKC2-660-MG 660 gr 9/10 25' Dark Blue


  • Taper: Skagit
  • Core: Power Core
  • Range: ST 6/7 (450 gr) – ST 10/11 (750 gr)
  • Coating: Ultra-Supple Polyfuse XT
  • Heavy duty black colored rear loop.
  • Front loop with color identification band and the line size printed on the line for easy identification.
  • Imported


  • Manufacturer: Airflo
  • Manufacturer Part Number: RS-SKC2-XXX
  • UPC:

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